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Dyslexia Therapy, Adacemic Tutoring, & Special Education Advocacy Services

Personalized Online Education Emphasizing Student Relationships. 


We specialize in Orton-Gillingham based Interventions, Customized Tutoring, Advocacy Services, and Diagnostic Language Evaluations.

We prioritize building relationships and tailor online lessons to each student's unique needs. LD Expert specializes in Orton-Gillingham reading intervention, special education advocacy, language evaluations, and grade-specific tutoring. We embrace differences and adapt teaching methods to how each child learns best.

Learning Differences are NOT Disabilities

LD Expert specializes in aiding students with LDs like Dyslexia, ADHD, Central Auditory Processing Disorder, and ASD. We offer more than just services - we're partners in your educational journey.

Honoring Military Families

At LD Expert, military families have a special place. We express our gratitude by offering a complimentary $100 value placement assessment as a thank you for their service.

Nationwide Services, Personalized Care

Offering top-quality educational support across the U.S., LD Expert caters to diverse schedules and collaborates with families and schools, bringing expert Dyslexia Practitioners, Therapists, and Teachers to you.

Transforming Challenges into Success: Customized Learning Support for Every Child

Is your child facing challenges in reading, math, or focusing in school? LD Expert supports families nationwide with tailored online Reading Intervention and Subject Specific Tutoring, fostering engaging and effective learning by understanding and addressing each child's unique needs.

Available Online Services

Discover a World of Online Learning Services at Your Fingertips: Tailored, Accessible, and Effective Educational Solutions

Student tutoring with LD Expert

Certified Practitioners deliver Orton-Gillingham based reading and/or spelling intervention based on your scheduling needs.

Experienced teachers who know how to deliver instruction in a way that meets the needs of your child. Stop arguing over homework, and let us help!

We're here to support you every step of the way through the special education process. Our objective is to listen to your concerns and aspirations for your student and to foster collaboration with the school to achieve them, ensuring that the process is transparent and understandable for you.

Specialized Speech Language Pathologists complete comprehensive language evaluations to identify and diagnosis language-based disorders. The goal is establish a thorough language profile and make necessary recommendations.


Schedule consultation

This free 30-minute consultation is held via Zoom or by phone. We will dive into understanding your student's needs and preferences, but we also want you to get to know us. We'll answer all of your questions and provide you with details about our services, including pricing, lesson frequency, scheduling options, data tracking, and more. 


Sign contract

Should you decide to move forward, we will begin the onboarding process. LD Expert prioritizes professionalism with easy digital contract signing for year-round services. Flexibility is key: you can adjust schedules or terminate contracts without worrying about being locked-in for months of services, or being overcharged for underrated service. 


Set schedule

We take pride in our flexibility and adaptability when it comes to scheduling. Our team of teachers is available to accommodate students during the school day, following your unique bell schedule, or during after-school hours and evenings. Once established, we'll set a consistent schedule that works best for you. 


Begin lessons

Once we've received your signed contract, lessons begin with teachers sending an introductory email that includes clear instructions for logging into Zoom. Wilson students will complete a placement assessment their first session. While we recommend adult presence for the initial few sessions, students typically become capable of working independently.


Monitor progress

We use a convenient online system that serves as a centralized hub for billing, scheduling, data tracking, and communication. This system allows school staff to access important information like lesson summaries and assessment results when needed. After each lesson, parents receive an email with a lesson summary of what was covered.

How it works

Our Process: Step-by-Step

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to frequently asked questions

  • Step 1: Reach Out to Schedule Your Initial Consultation
    We love to hear from you! Each one of our schools has unique needs. We want to hear directly from you about your programs, community, and expectations. This free 30-minute consultation is held via Zoom. We will dive into understanding your school’s needs and preferences, but we also want you to get to know us. We'll answer all of your questions and provide you with details about our services, teacher qualifications, pricing, scheduling options, data tracking, and more.
  • Step 2: Sign Your Contract
    The LD Expert strives for professionalism in all of our operations. Our School-Based Services Contracts can be signed digitally. At any time, you are permitted to make changes to your schedule or decide that our services are not a good fit for your school. Even though your contract is signed for a year, we ask for 30-days notice to terminate the contract without any early termination fees.
  • Step 3: Set Your Schedule
    At LD Expert, we pride ourselves on being fexible and accommodating with scheduling. Our team of teachers can see students during the school day according to your unique bell schedule, after school, or in the evenings. We will work with you to find days and times that fit your school's needs. For Wilson Students Only: The Wilson Reading System has a great initial assessment called the Wilson Assessment of Decoding and Encoding (WADE). This assessment takes about 30-45 minutes, and is completed virtually. Your student will just need access to a writing utensil and printer (to print the pages for writing on prior to our scheduled meeting time). After the assessment is complete, we will write up a report summarizing the results and share it with you. This assessment will guide us on choosing the appropriate starting point in the program based on your student's individual needs.
  • Step 4: Begin Your Lessons!
    Once we have received your signed contract, lessons can offically begin! Teachers will send families, students, and teachers an introduction email that includes instructions about how to log into their Zoom Meeting Room. It is a good idea to have an adult present or accessible the first couple sessions, but students catch on very quickly and are typically able to log-in without assistance after the first couple sessions.
  • Step 5: Monitor Student Progress
    LD Expert utalizes an online platform for billing, scheduling, data tracking, and communication. Families, school administrators and/or teachers will be given login information to access student data at any point in time. The data would include lesson summaries, encoding errors, decoding errors, and assessment results. Additionally, after each lesson, our teachers write-up a summary of the lesson and it can be emailed to parents, teachers, or adminsitrators directly with a single click!
  • Why Us?
    Bottom line - we are not your average teachers! Our highly trained and fully certified teachers and therapists use the top tier programs for reading, spelling, and dyslexia intervention that are rooted in the science of reading. Our tutors understand learning differences and are ready and capable of supporting students based on their specific needs. You will finally receive the 1:1 support you've been craving from a caring, fun, and passionate educator. You never have to worry about finding a different tutor should your family move, or need to make major schedule changes. Even if your current teacher cannot accommodate, our large team is willing and able to pickup right where a colleague left off! We combine the friendliness of using a local, neighborhood teacher with the professionalism and protection of a company that values and ensures high quality and high caliber services. For Schools: The LD Expert understands the importance of bell schedules, IEP compliances, and quality teachers and therapists. When you partner with The LD Expert, we work to match you with a teacher or speech pathologist that best meets your students’ needs and has the availability to provide services based on your bell and class schedule. As administrators, we also understand that it can be difficult to find the highest caliber teachers. Partnering with us allows you to have the best of the best without the need to hire full- or part-time teachers. We work hard to find teachers that have the warmest personalities and are the best in their field.
  • What services are provided by The LD Expert?
    Services: Reading & Spelling Intervention Academic Tutoring Special Education Advocacy Diagnostic Language Evaluations The LD Expert provides online Orton-Gillingham based dyslexia intervention services to both families and schools. Our services meet the criteria for both Tier II and Tier III reading intervention minutes. When working with schools, our teachers function as full IEP team members as needed and can complete progress reports and help write IEPs. The LD Expert also provides, Special Education Advocacy services and Comprehensive Diagnostic Language Evaluations (evaluations offered in: Arizona, Minnesota, Ohio, South Carolina, Texas, and West Virginia).
  • Who provides the services?
    All of our lessons are live, 1:1, individualized lessons. The LD Expert’s teachers and speech pathologists provide services. Our teachers and speech patholgoists are all Wilson Reading System certified as either Dyslexia Practioners or Dyslexia Therapists.
  • Do you provide educational diagnostic testing?
    At this time, LD Expert does not offer full psychoeducational IQ testing. Achievement testing and comprehensive language evaluations are available. Current areas of evaluation include: math problem solving, math fluency, numerical operations, phonological awareness, phonological processing, phonological memory, rapid automatic naming, word recognition, oral reading fluency, reading comprehension, receptive language, expressive language, receptive vocabulary, expressive vocabulary, and written language with considerations of medical and educational history.
  • What is included in a diagnostic language evaluation?
    Our comprehensive diagnostic language evaluations are conducted by specialized Speech-Language Pathologists (SLPs) who focus on language-based disorders such as dyslexia and written expression disorder. They include parent interviews and a thorough case history, followed by extensive testing, a written report, and a parent review session. These evaluations are incredibly thorough and intensive, going beyond typical school-based assessments. They encompass a detailed examination of various language skills, including receptive and expressive language, phonological awareness, reading, writing, and more. Following the evaluation, we provide a 90-minute parent review session where we discuss the findings in detail. During this session, parents will leave fully understanding any diagnoses made and will receive clear explanations of next steps and recommendations for intervention or support. Our goal is to ensure that parents feel informed and empowered to advocate for their child's needs effectively.
  • Do you provide group services?
    For private clients, all services are 1:1. In a school-based setting, we are willing to accommodate and discuss group services.
  • Does The LD Expert have online software for data and billing?
    Yes! The LD Expert uses on an online data tracking and billing software. You will have login access to be able to review teacher’s daily notes, track your students’ progress, and review billing and invoices as needed.
  • What payment methods do you offer?
    LD Expert has three convenient ways to pay for your sessions: PayPal, Venmo, or Mailing a Check. Invoices are paid monthly. Families will be billed for upcoming sessions, and schools will be billed with the previous month's sessions as individual line items for your review. Invoices will be sent directly to your email, and will include a link to pay the balance via PayPal. If you prefer to pay via Venmo or Mailing a Check, your invoice will also have instructions about how to do that.
  • Is it legal?
    The LD Expert thoroughly researches compliance laws and makes a point to follow state-by-state regulations. If we are unable to provide services in your state in a way that would best serve your program, we will let you know!
  • How much does it cost?
    If you would like additional information related to cost, inquire about pricing for services by scheduling a FREE 30 minutes consultation
  • Step 1: Reach Out to Schedule Your Initial Consultation
    We love to hear from you! Each one of our students has unique needs. We want to hear directly from you about your student and their current academic situation. Your initial 30-minute consultation will take place via phone call or zoom, and this is when we will listen to whatever you feel is important to share with us.
  • Step 2: Sign Your Contract
    LD Expert, LLC strives for professionalism in all of our operations. Our Advocacy-Based Services Contracts can be signed digitally, and will be sent to you through DocuSign. At any time, you are permitted to make changes to your schedule or decide that our services are not a good fit for you. Even though your contract does not have a definitive end date, we just ask for 2-weeks notice to terminate the contract.
  • Step 3: Contact Your Child's School
    It is important to inform the school that you have contracted with us for advocacy services. You may need to sign a Release of Information form in order for us to attend meetings with you. This will also give us permission to speak about your student with the school directly.
  • Step 4: Go Confidently Into Meetings with Your Child's School!
    You can now attend meeting with your child's school with us there by your side. Our role in each meeting depends on your needs. We can be more or less active depending on the situation. We are familiar with Special Education Law, and we will research regulations specific to your child's needs before the meeting date. We will also have conversations with you before and after your meeting where we can explain the meeting goals and anything that you found confusing. Let us join your team and make sure your child gets the services they deserve!

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