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Dyslexia Intervention Team

Vicki Landolf, PhD, WDP

Dyslexia Intervention


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Piano, gardening, crafting, cooking, camping, Tae Kwon Do

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Inspirational Quote

“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent."

- Eleanor Roosevelt



Hi! I am VIcki Landolf. I was raised in a small shore town in the southernmost tip of Ocean County New Jersey. I taught for 18 years in the very school that I attended alongside teachers that had not only me as a student, but my four children as well. One of the highlights that occurred in NJ was that my 4 children, my husband, and myself all received our 2nd degree blackbelts in Tae Kwon Do. However, in 2007 we packed up and moved to the mountains of North Carolina. Here I taught 11 years before retiring. I now spend my time as a floral manager in a grocery store making floral arrangements for customers. I have been married for almost 33 years and enjoy the company of my 3 dogs.


Elementary Education, Teacher of the Handicapped, Special Education, English K-12, Social Studies 6-8

New Jersey Department of Education, North Carolina Department of Education

Wilson Dyslexia Practitioner

Wilson Language Training

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