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Dyslexia Intervention Team

Cristina Grasso, MA, WDP

Dyslexia Intervention


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Spending time with my husband, kids and family, traveli

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"Live life to the fullest"



Hello! I’m super excited to be a part of the LD Expert Team of Educators. I’m Cristina Grasso and I’m certified in both general and special education in Rhode Island. Having such a passion for reading I obtained a Wilson Dyslexia Practitioner in 2016. Additionally, I have a Masters in Special Education from Rhode Island College. I live in the tiniest state in the United States, Rhode Island with my husband and two kids. We are avid travelers and spend alot of time in Europe, specifically in Italy where I have a lot of family. I am bilingual and speak Italian fluently. I look forward to working with students and gain their passion for reading.


Elementary Education, Special Education

Rhode Island Department of Education

Wilson Dyslexia Practitioner

Wilson Language Training

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