Is your school having a difficult time finding qualified reading intervention and dyslexia teachers?  Do you have the need for part-time qualified specialists but not enough students to justify a full-time salaried position?

LD Expert has you covered! We provide state-certified teachers who are also certified in the Wilson Reading Program to be active and involved team members that fully support students IEP/504 goals. With our diverse team, we can serve public or private schools in most states nationwide.

Not Enough SPED Faculty?

Add us to your team! We provide research-based, effective reading and spelling intervention to meet your IEP/504 service requirements for Specific Learning Disabilities in reading and spelling.  

We are an effective and cost-friendly solution to providing dyslexia services to small groups of students. We offer flexible scheduling to match your class times, and act as a fully-functioning members of the IEP/504 team.

Available Services:

Think of us as part of your school, without having to worry about salary, benefits, and classroom space.

Tier 2 or Tier 3 Direct Intervention

We will provide certified professionals to deliver quality virtual services that meet your students' IEP/504 requirements.

-Flexible Scheduling

-Orton-Gillingham based

-Individualized Data Tracking

IEP/504 Meeting Attendance

We will act as full functioning members of your IEP/504 team. We virtually attend meetings, assist with goal writing, and complete progress reports.


-Extra Support for Your Team

-Compliance Mindset