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Private Reading Intervention and Speech Therapy

Building a relationship with our students and their families is a top priority. Through virtual lessons, we target your students specific needs. We specialize in Orton-Gillinham based reading intervention delivered by certified teachers, speech therapy services and evaluations,  and subject specific tutoring across grade levels. At LD Expert, we know that differences are not disabilities. If a child cannot learn the way we teach, we will find the way to teach them how they learn!

We bring the best Speech Pathologists and Dyslexia Practitioners to your child, no matter where you live!

LD Expert also LOVES Military Families - ask us about our promotional $100 value placement tests FREE to Military Families!

How It Works:

Expert Practitioners - Our certified Speech and Language Therapist and Dyslexia Practitioners have experience delivering lessons virtually. We know how to make it effective and engaging!

Detailed Documentation - Our user-friendly online platform allows teachers to take attendance, communicate with families, and write session notes about student progress.

Teamwork & Customer Service - We care about your students, and we care about the highest quality customer service. We value communication and clear expectations.

Available Virtual Services:

Certified Practitioners deliver Orton-Gillingham based reading and/or spelling intervention based on your school's bell schedule

If you feel intimidated when you are in an IEP/504 Meeting, you are not alone! We can attend school meetings with you and make sure you understand and get what your student needs.

Virtual teletherapy that is effective and engaging for students requiring speech services. We also offer comprehensive language assessments and reports.

Remote Learning

Does your child struggle with sounding out words? Do they spend so much time trying to read the words that they cannot remember what they read? Maybe you know your child is smart, but cannot figure out why they are struggling in math class or unable to pay attention in school? 

LD Expert helps over 50 families nationwide with virtual Reading Intervention and Subject Specific Tutoring. We do this by creating a relationship with your child, assessing their learning differences, and tailor specific lessons to their needs to help keep them engaged and excited about learning!

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