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IntroductionToCosmologyJVNarlikarPdfFree latrhek




It also provides a survey of major areas of modern cosmology, including general relativity, supergravity, superstring theory, black holes, inflation and high-energy particle physics, the early universe, and dark matter and dark energy. The mathematics is provided in three forms: - a "tour de force" calculus of variations approach; - an explicit analysis of the dynamics of general relativity; - an introduction to general relativity in a manner that is relevant to physics at the quantum level. The book is the result of five years of research and writing by the author. This book has been revised for the third time to bring it up to date, to include a detailed discussion of recent developments and to incorporate a new appendix on Cosmology and Quantum Gravity. Cosmology as a subject is young but it has already produced a number of important and lasting discoveries. Many current theories have already yielded detailed predictions that have been verified by observation. This book is a reference on modern cosmology that is written in a style that is accessible to both students and physicists. It describes the basic ideas and concepts, and also shows how these fit together to describe the physics of the Universe and of the early Universe. **Contents** Chapter 1 Introduction 1.1. What is Cosmology? 1.2. What is Cosmology Today? 1.3. The Early Universe 1.4. What Do We See? 1.5. What Do We Know? 1.6. An Overview of the Universe Chapter 2 Cosmology and General Relativity 2.1. Einstein's Relativity 2.2. The Space-time Metric 2.3. The Equations of General Relativity 2.4. Some General Remarks on Classical Mechanics 2.5. The Geometry of Cosmology 2.6. Cosmological Problems and Solutions 2.6.1. Cosmological Constant 2.6.2. Density Fluctuations 2.6.3. The Accelerated Universe 2.6.4. Solutions to the Cosmological Problems 2.6.5. Singularity Theorems 2.7. Critical Curvature 2.8. Cosmology of a Perfect Fluid 2.9. The Emden Type



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