What to Expect When Getting Started:

Step 1: Reach Out to Schedule Your Initial Consultation

We love to hear from you! Each one of our schools has unique needs. We want to hear directly from you about your programs, community, and expectations. Your initial 30-minute consultation will take place via phone call or zoom, and this is when we will listen to whatever you feel is important to share with us. Additionally, we will provide more details about our services such as pricing, lesson frequency, scheduling, data tracking, etc...

Step 3: Set Your Schedule

At LD Expert, we pride ourselves on being fexible and accommodating with scheduling. Our team of teachers can see students during the school day according to your unique bell schedule, after school, or in the evenings. We will work with you to find days and times that fit your school's needs.

Step 2: Sign Your Contract

LD Expert, LLC strives for professionalism in all of our operations. Our School-Based Services Contracts can be signed digitally, and will be sent to you through DocuSign. Contractual periods are Fall Semester, Spring Semester, and Summer. At any time, you are permitted to make changes to your schedule or decide that our services are not a good fit for your school. Even though your contract is signed for a whole semester. we just ask for 30-days notice to terminate the contract without any early termination fees.

Step 4: Begin Your Lessons!

Once we have received your signed contract, lessons can offically begin! Teachers will send families, students, and teachers an introduction email that includes instructions about how to log into their Zoom Meeting Room. It is a good idea to have an adult present or accessible the first couple sessions, but students catch on very quickly and are able to log-in without assistance after the first couple sessions.

Paying for Your Sessions

LD Expert has three convenient ways to pay for your sessions: PayPal, Venmo, or Mailing a Check. Invoices are paid monthly, and will be sent with the previous month's sessions as individual line items for your review. Invoices will be sent directly to your email, and will include a link to pay the balance via PayPal. If you prefer to pay via Venmo or Mailing a Check, your invoice will also have instructions about how to do that.

Step 5: Monitor Student Progress

LD Expert utalizes an online platform for billing, scheduling, data tracking, and communication. School administrators and/or teachers will be given login information to access student data at any point in time. The data would include lesson summaries, encoding errors, decoding errors, and assessment results. Additionally, after each lesson, our teachers write-up a summary of the lesson and it can be emailed to students, parents, teachers, or adminsitrators directly with a single click!