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Comprehensive/Diagnostic Language Evaluations

There are many reasons that indicate a need for a Comprehensive/Diagnostic Language Evaluation. The most common reasons are:

1) Wanting an official diagnosis for language impairments

2) Having documentation to see if your student may qualify for services through your school district

3) A previous evaluation was not fully comprehensive and did not analyze all areas of language proficiency and you need more data

LD Expert specializes in completing comprehensive & diagnostic language evaluations that meet the criteria set forth by the International Dyslexia Association to determine if a student displays the strengths & weaknesses that fit the definition of dyslexia or other language-based disorder.


Evaluations are offered in the following states: 

Arizona, California, Minnesota, North Carolina, Ohio, South Carolina, Texas, Utah and West Virginia.

The comprehensive and diagnostic language evaluation assesses:

Phonological Awareness & Processing
Phonological & Language Memory
Receptive & Expressive Language
Receptive & Expressive Vocabulary
Reading Comprehension
Word Recognition
Oral Reading Fluency
Rapid Automatic Naming
Phonics and Spelling
Written Language
Medical, Family, & Educational History

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