Comprehensive/Diagnostic Language Evaluations

There are many reasons that indicate a need for a Comprehensive/Diagnostic Language Evaluation. The most common reasons are:

1) Wanting an official diagnosis for language impairments

2) Having documentation to see if your student may qualify for services through your school district

3) A previous evaluation was not fully comprehensive and did not analyze all areas of language proficiency and you need more data

LD Expert specializes in completing comprehensive & diagnostic language evaluations that meet the criteria set forth by the International Dyslexia Association to determine if a student displays the strengths & weaknesses that fit the definition of dyslexia or other language-based disorder.


Evaluations are offered in the following states: 

Arizona, California, Minnesota, North Carolina, Ohio, South Carolina, Texas, Utah and West Virginia.

The comprehensive and diagnostic language evaluation assesses:

Phonological Awareness & Processing
Phonological & Language Memory
Receptive & Expressive Language
Receptive & Expressive Vocabulary
Reading Comprehension
Word Recognition
Oral Reading Fluency
Rapid Automatic Naming
Phonics and Spelling
Written Language
Medical, Family, & Educational History

How Our Diagnostic Language Evaluations Work:

Step 1: Reach Out to Schedule Your Initial Consultation

We love to hear from you! There are many different reasons for comprehensive diagnostic langauge evaluations. We want to speak with you to learn about your specific needs and how we can provide the best possible service. Your initial 30-minute consultation will take place via phone call or zoom, and this is when we will listen to whatever you feel is important to share with us. Additionally, we will provide more details about our services such as pricing, scheduling, data tracking, etc...

Step 3: Schedule Your Evaluation Session

Comprehensive Diagnostic Language Evaluations will take anywhere from 3-6 hours, and can be broken-up into multiple sessions. We take your specific needs into consideration when scheduling and offer daytime, evening, and weekend times.

Step 2: Sign Your Contract

LD Expert, LLC strives for professionalism in all of our operations. Our contracts can be signed digitally, and will be sent to you through DocuSign. For Comprehensive Diagnostic Langauge Evaluations, contracts, permission forms, and release of information forms will all be sent digitally.

Step 4: Meet With Us to Review Your Testing Report

Once your assessment is complete, it will take us a couple of weeks to score the evaluation and write up the official report. Our Speech Pathologist will write up a detailed summary describing the assessments that were used, and the results. We will spend 45-60 minutes in a meeting with you discussing this report and the implications of it. We will suggest and discuss specific intervntions and accommodations that can be used in the classroom or workplace. This part of your evaluation is very important, and we will take our time and ensure that you understand each and every aspect of this report.

Paying for Services

LD Expert has two convenient ways to pay for your sessions: PayPal or Venmo.Invoices are paid monthly, and will be sent with the upcoming month's sessions as individual line items for your review. Invoices will be sent directly to your email, and will include a link to pay the balance via PayPal. If you prefer to pay via Venmo, your invoice will also have instructions about how to do that.